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Our story is not necessarily unique; in fact it is more familiar than it should be. My husband of nine years and I have suffered from infertility. We always dreamed of starting our family shortly after we got married, but month after month of disappointment soon flashed into eight years of sadness, self-pity, and deep sorrow.  So, it may be surprising that infertility was not in my top three areas of concern when I first sought out treatment with Chinese medicine.  We had put enough money and heartache into our efforts that we had even mourned the loss of having our own children and were now focused on long-term health, accepting our inability to conceive. This is where our story changes…

My past experiences with western medicine have not been pleasant, as we have been shifted from doctor to doctor, then to a specialist for one thing, then onto another with some sort of “new and exciting” pill that will solve all our problems. We were made promises and provided a false sense of hope. The worst was when the treatments were not working; we then became to blame, the scapegoat for a diagnosis that was incorrect. Our perserverance proved to be the turning point of our struggle and Patricia is the key factor in this change.

I truly believe Patricia has changed a significant part of our life. What I remember from my first visit was her demeanor. She was truly listening to me. I was not treated like just another patient. I was not shamed nor  made to feel  as though my health problems were 100%  my fault. Patricia’s empathetic attitude reminded me of a quote from an unknown author that truly personifies her character:

Be kinder than necessary. Everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

You never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life.

That day, Patricia reassured me that I am a real person. I instantly felt comforted and back in charge of my health knowing I had this amazing person willing to join up in this quest. Her words of compassion carried through all of my visits, even to this day.

I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), which has contributed to our infertility issues by not allowing me to properly ovulate and has caused me to have to endure severe menstrual pain. My treatment has included acupuncture and herbal supplements that targeted cyst reduction, all with the intent to focus on my overall health and not pregnancy.  Our lives have been truly impacted from her treatments and those few sincere words beyond what we ever imagined for ourselves. After only six weeks of treatments and herbs we experienced the surprise of our lives. We were finally pregnant!

Patricia has given us a gift that we never thought was possible. Our son is due July 2010 and my pregnancy has been a happy and healthy one. Anyone who has experienced infertility, negative experiences with previous doctors, or just wants someone to truly listen to you would be pleased to receive the services Patricia Hallam provides. More importantly, Ms. Hallam has that rare gift of compassion and sensitivity to the needs of others.  She is caring and thoughtful as she evaluates issues and situations from all sides before making a decision. Patricia is an excellent acupuncturist, and I recommend her without reservation.



Mrs. G.P., Satisfied patient since August 2009