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I highly recommend Patricia Hallam to any woman who is trying to get pregnant.  I tried for four years to get pregnant.  I had four IUI’s, two IVF’s, and four rounds of frozen embryo transfer, and nothing worked.  I had MRI’s and biopsies, and no one could figure out what was wrong.  So I took a year-long break and worked with Patricia.  She gave me herbs, discussed diet, and gave me deeply healing, relaxing treatments.  On my final embryo transfer, at the age of 43, I got pregnant.  On the last round, the doctors gave me only a five percent chance of getting pregnant.  And not only did I achieve pregnancy, I got pregnant with twins.  And so far they’re wonderfully healthy and so am I.  I firmly believe, and so do my doctors, that Patricia’s work with me and her herbs helped me finally achieve pregnancy.  Her mannerisms are calming, and assuring, and she is extraordinary at what she does.