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It is my pleasure to write this testimonial for Patricia Hallam and her acupuncture services at Jade River Healing Center.  After an ectopic pregnancy resulting in surgery and struggling to get pregnant for several years after, my husband and I had tried many infertility drugs and treatment options.  All had been unsuccessful.  It had been an emotionally and physically taxing few years.  Our next step was going to be in vitro fertilization.  We knew in vitro was a stressful and costly financial commitment and we wanted to be sure we had exhausted all treatment options before resorting to the procedure.  In my research on infertility, acupuncture had come up several times as a means to counter infertility.  After checking with my insurance I was surprised to discover that acupuncture treatments were covered.  I must admit I was a bit nervous and apprehensive before my first appointment.  I didn’t know what to expect and was not all that familiar with eastern medicine or acupuncture.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Patricia explained the treatments she proposed and answered all my questions.  She helped me understand the way acupuncture works and how it could help me to relax and hopefully enhance my fertility.  Patricia made me feel at ease.  The environment and treatments were very relaxing and I looked forward to my appointments.  I stopped taking all other fertility drugs and began seeing Patricia regularly.  After six months I became pregnant.  I fully believe that Patricia’s acupuncture treatments made the difference.  In July of 2010, we welcomed a beautiful, healthy son.  I whole heartedly recommend acupuncture and Patricia Hallam to anyone struggling with infertility.

– M.Z.